Vitrification Training

Course Description

This is a 3 day intensive course conducted at ARC fertility International & Research Center, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The purpose of this course is to present a comprehensive overview of vitrification & warming of embryos in ART laboratory. Mentors will work one-on-one with candidates from set-up to troubleshooting, thereby providing a total overview and continuous assessment. As a result practicing embryologist will have a complete learning experience and will be able to execute their skills independently in a lab set-up.

Course Duration : 3 days

Course (Practical & Theory)

1. Theory of vitrification, Advantages of vitrification over slow cooling process

2. Vitrification of oocytes, zygotes, cleavage stage embryos & blastocyst

use of media, culture systems, carrier & control of temperature

3. warming of oocytes, zygotes, cleavage stage embryos & blastocyst

culture conditions, liquid nitrogen handling, pre requisite to locate stored embryos

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Egmore, Chennai
Commander in Chief Road Ethirajsamy Salai, Next to Raddison Blu Egmore, Chennai-600 008