Short Term Course on Micromanipulation (ICSI)


Course Description

This is a 15 day intensive course conducted at ARC fertility International & Research Center, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The purpose of this course is to present a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the ART laboratory, including the set-up and running of the lab, laboratory procedures, and quality control to ensure the highest possible success rates in an IVF program. Each apprentice will get an opportunity to have a complete learning experience. Mentors will work one-on-one with candidates throughout the course, providing a total overview and continuous assessment. For a beginner and experienced embryologist, the course aims to refresh his or her skills further in the field of ART.

Course Duration : 15 Days

Course Structure

1. An Overview Of Male & Female Infertility

2. Evaluation Of Male & Female Partners

3. Setting Up Of IVF Laboratory

4. Quality Control In IVF Laboratory

5. Semen Analysis

6. Sperm Preparation Techniques & Freezing

7. Stimulation Protocols - Ovulation Induction

8. Role Of USG & Laparascopy In Infertility

9. Surgical Procedure For Infertility

10. Assisted Reproductive Technology Procedures - IVF/ICSI

11. Pcos & Endometriosis - Troubleshooting Methods

12. Endo Preparation & Luteal Support In ART

13. Advanced Techniques In ART - IMSI, PGD, Assisted Hatching

14. Cryopreservation Of Embryos - Vitrification & Warming

15. Troubleshooting In IVF Lab

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Egmore, Chennai
Commander in Chief Road Ethirajsamy Salai, Next to Raddison Blu Egmore, Chennai-600 008