Advanced ART Course for Embryologist


Course Description

This is a one-year intensive course conducted at ARC fertility International & Research Center, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The purpose of this course is to equip the candidates with skills and enable them to be competent in IVF services. Emphasis is given to the guidelines, regulations, and protocols that are strictly applied in ethical practices in the human infertility, simultaneously ensuring high success rates.

We have a high volume of cases at our center and our lab techniques are on a par with international standards. At the time of exposure to high-volume cases, candidates will be given the opportunity to get hands-on experiences in their assignments. This will enlighten candidates of the workings in infertility realm. As a result of this exposure, students will be well-versed with lab techniques and transform them as well-rounded and full-fledged embryologists.

In addition, candidates will be given projects involving assisting staff members & researchers and present the outcome of projects as part of their dissertation.

Course Duration : One year

Eligibility : MD, DGO, OG, MS

Course Structure (Theory)

Unit 1

Introduction to infertility, Basic concepts in setting up of an IUI & IVF lab, Quality control management in Andrology & Embryology lab, Importance of documentation of data

Unit 2

Concepts in cell biology (a) Male & female reproductive system & hormonal control (b) Ultrastructure of sperm & oocytes - spermatogensis/oogenesis (c) DNA chromatin, chromosomes - abnormalities - numerical, structure (d) epigenetics

Unit 3

Assisted reproductive techniques - Basics of embryology, Media preparation, Grading of oocytes, IVF insemination, Fertilization check, Grading of D3 & D5 embryos

Cryopreservation - Vitrification & warming of oocytes, embryos (D3 & D5)

Unit 4

Micromanipulation techniques - (a) sperm immobilization, orientation of polar body, injecting sperm into oocytes, Role of LASER in ART (b) Usage of transfer catheters, loading of embryos, assessment of uterine receptivity, role of LASER in embryo implantation

Unit 5

Advanced Embryology - Overview of IMSI, PGD/PGS, Biostatistics, Ethical issues in IVF

Course Structure (Practical)

i. semen analysis, sperm preparation techniques for IUI, IVF, ICSI

ii. aseptic techniques & handling of liquid nitrogen

iii. media preparation for ART requirements

iv. handling & processing of testicular biopsy samples

v. screening of oocytes from follicular fluid

vi. preparation of oocytes for IVF & insemination techniques

vii. grading & selection of embryos for transfer

viii. vitrification & warming (oocytes & embryos)

ix. micromanipulation techniques

x. embryo loading in catheters


Candidates must submit at least two thesis for international or national journals for publication. In addition, it is mandatory for candidates to present posters at an international or national conferences.


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THAWING9th Month

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